WOD 9.30.17

woman flexing and hugging a man

WOD 9.30.17

Today may burn just a touch BUT you will not be burning alone.

Get all this done in the time-cap and you can officially say, “WEEKEND EARNED!”


– Coach AG




1 min breathing

8 banded good mornings

8 medball cleans

rack stretch




single leg deadlift x 3-5 / leg

wall climb + 20 alt wall runs

Wtd Superman x 15




Partner Workout!!

0-10 mins

EACH person completes 50 burpees

THEN finds a “heavy” power clean (tally total score)


10-20 mins

Team Completes 50 wall climbs

—Must complete 70% part “A” poundage in front squat (95/65) reps.

Buy-in of 10 squats before each round of wall climbs


20-30 mins


200 cals FWB or 150 cals Ski

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