WOD 9.28.17

coaching an athlete on a fan wheel bike

WOD 9.28.17

Former competitive CrossFit athlete, Jason Khalipa, recently posted on his instagram, a mantra for loading the hips during a push press or jerk variation. His mantra is “load, then eXplode.” I cannot describe it any better.


Lets chat about this tomorrow!!


You can see him here =) Insta


– Coach AG




Push Press- build to 2 RM – No RX Pause OH


3 sets :20 Flexed Arm hang + 5-8 sec lean away pull-up

Tuck Support x AMSAP

Seated pike hold x AMSAP





50 cal AD / 35 cal Ski

50 Push-ups or Scale

50 cal AD / 35 cal Ski

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