WOD 9.27.17

man laying down practicing reikii

WOD 9.27.17

Did you know that you can set yourself up for potential injury with faulty breathing mechanics?

When you breathe in, your stomach should expand first then you should notice your ribcage lifting. This practice is referred to diaphragmatic breathing or “belly breathing.” When you breathe into your ribcage first or “chest breathe,” it raises your heart rate prematurely and tightens up your rib-cage causing less than optimal shoulder mobility.

When working to improve your fitness, it is VERY important that we work to belly breath to ensure our rib cage does not tighten up unnecessarily and we maintain an authentic communication with our body. Generally when our heart rate rises, it creates a sense of panic until we spend significant time training with an elevated HR.

Knowing is half the battle. Now with an increased sense of awareness, pay attention to your breathing pattern and work to draw in deep breaths.

The picture above illustrates a drill that can be practiced several times a day to help re-pattern proper breathing mechanics. If you read this, ask me how to apply the drill and how often to re-pattern our air intake.

– Coach AG




15 mins

200m run

10 Green band lunges / side

1 min Jump Rope :

20 Heroes Pose




Every 4 mins x 8 rounds

Odd Round

21/15 cals


20 DU / 35 SU


Even Round

run 400m

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