WOD 9.23.17


WOD 9.23.17

going…. Going…. LONG


Its Saturday folks! Time to go long…as in our workout will have another 30 min continuous clock with three (3) distinct workouts wrapped into 1. DO think of this as 1 long 30 min piece with strategic break ups. You should work the first 10 mins and expect a level of recovery to occur during our 10-20 min strength build. During the last 10 mins, run hard and get those wall ball shots done. If you get over 100 wall balls, you wont have to run again when the clock expires 🙂


Mantra for the last piece….”I don’t want to BUT i CAN!”


– Coach AG



12 mins of Good movement:

run 200m

10 m drinking birds

10 Light Wall Balls

10 Scap Push-ups

10 single leg bridge ups / side



single leg deadlift x 4-6 / leg

Crow / Crane balance x AMSAP

Resisted Short bridge x :20-:30



0-10 mins

6 burpee box overs

:20 hang


10-20 mins

Build to a 3 RM thruster from the rack

20-30 mins


Run 400m w/ wall ball (20/14)


AMRAP wall balls in remaining time

Up to 80 wall balls + 1 mile run

80-100 wall balls + 800m Run

over 100 wall balls = no run


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