WOD 9.22.17

half turkish get-up

WOD 9.22.17

Over the years I have heard far too many people comment that they hurt themselves using a kettlebell, blaming the kettlebell for mandatory rest and decreased training time. My viewpoint is that its the mechanic, NOT the tool that creates damage. Taking your time and being present when being introduced to new tool and learning new techniques is one of the most important elements that we must take responsibility for. Today we are going to perform only HALF of the turkish-getup so we can emphasize proper roll patterning and shoulder positions.


The Get-Up is a tremendous tool that will help RE-HAB and PRE-HAB your shoulders when done properly……as are wall climbs 🙂


– Coach AG



Half Get-up + Arm Bar

Sphinx Pose x :30-:40

scorpion kicks x 6 / side



Push Press- build to 3 RM – No RX Pause OH


3 sets

Side over Arch x :20 / side

Wall supported knee extensions x 8-10

Rig supported back arch




1 mile bike / 500m ski

3 wall climbs


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