WOD 9.14.17

Girl and guy hanging from pull-up n bar with puppy in the background

WOD 9.14.17

Did ya’ll know that grip strength plays a MAJOR role in wrist, elbow and shoulder health? Just because we use our hands a ton to type and plug away at our smart phones does not mean we are adequately stimulating our hands in a positive way. An obvious sign that your hands do not possess adequate strength is pain in the hands when hanging from a pull-up bar. Generally this eludes to a low amount of callus built up on your hands but the deeper meaning is that you have not done enough work with your hands that would induce the formation of callus.

Callus i good for us. NEVER be intimidated to have strong hands. Labeling it masculine or feminine is ignorant. Having callus hands means you are strong. Who doesn’t want to be strong?

– Coach AG




Kip Swings x 4-6

Donkey kicks x 4-6

kipping knee raises x 4-6

V-ups x 4-6

TTB attempts




Push Press- build to 4 RM – No RX Pause OH


3 sets Roll from hollow to Arch – 3x / side

Donkey kicks x 4

Short Bridge x :50




10 -1

Push press (65% build)


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