WOD 8.8.17

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WOD 8.8.17

Rules of the Gym

(Part 2)


Be Accountable


The rules of the gym at EDX CrossFit are not new to us. I have been coaching functional fitness for the better part of two decades. Our gym rules have been influenced by many industry leaders and positive experiences that I have accumulated over the years teaching and taking workshops around the country.


To be completely honest, our rule number two was formerly rule #1. Rule number one was previously titled “Its YOUR fault.” Since nothing can happen until you show up AND show up regularly, we re-organized rule #1 and #2.




What does being accountable mean? Quite simply, you must take action and personally own the consequences of each and every action.


I am a big believer that every action or in-action we choose has a cost. By looking at things this way, we eliminate the labeling of things as GOOD or BAD.


Let’s avoid both the good and the bad labels and accept that we are each driving the car we are in (our bodies). When you are at the wheel, you CHOOSE to acknowledge traffic signals ahead of you. When you run a red light, there is a risk of colliding with another car or possibly receiving a moving violation from the local law enforcement that can have a costly financial burden or worse, a lasting physical consequence.


In the group classes at EDX, our staff teaches safe and effective body mechanics. We give verbal and tactile cueing to keep you safe. From there it is on YOU to listen, absorb and then drive your car safely.


We can apply the accountability to nutrition; sleep habits, alcohol consumption, and our entire physical fitness routine.


If you do not come to class regularly, no fitness can be gained. If you eat cheeseburgers and drink beer 4 nights a week, its safe to assume a negative effect will present itself on your overall health.


Again, I’m not labeling things good or bad. Accept your choices and do your best to make the right choices 80+% of the time.


As your head coach, my rule #1 is DO NO HARM. That being the case, I have your best interest in mind when it comes to developing and progressing your physical fitness. We want the best for you.


When a coach throws out a general cue or comment. ALWAYS assume the cue is trying to correct something that YOU are doing. Take control of your direction, your health and your personal well-being. Make an effort to be present. Learn the dialogue your body is trying to have with you. Every workout in the gym is an opportunity to learn about yourself and become a better human.


In health and longevity.

-Coach AG



8 goblet squats

Behind the neck rack stretch

Single leg glute bridge x :30 / side




Front Squat x 8 reps @ 33×1

goblet duck walks x 6 steps / leg

strict knees to elbows x 4-6




12 min AMRAP

:30 SA squats R

20 KB swings

:30 SA sqauts

L 15 hanging knee raises

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