WOD 8.7.17

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WOD 8.7.17

The picture for this blog says it all….Man or Woman.


Most people take their musculo-skeletal system for granted. We just EXPECT it to work and to never fail us. Just like anything else of value, unless we take care of it and give back to it, it WILL fail us.


Resistance training does just that. It gives back by building strong bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The key to longevity and injury prevention starts with building adequate levels of strength. Whether your goal is to back squat 400 pounds or just live pain free, consistent resistance training with both weights and body weight exercises are the back bones to living and not just watching.


-Coach AG



TGU practice




Behind the neck Strict press x 7-9 @ 4011

+ KB windmill x 2 / side

rack stretch on the floor




3 rounds for time:


100m SA farmers carry

200m RUN

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