WOD 8.30.17

milo carrying a bull

WOD 8.30.17

Sooooo many AMRAPS today but its all good. We are working on building your sustainable conditioning base and improving your general work capacity. Not sure what work capacity is? Think of it as your ability to GET. SHIT. DONE. Gotta mulch this weekend and not be wiped before your dinner plans? No PROBLEM! Gotta carry the youngster because you got a flat on the baby buggy? NO PROBLEM! Want to crush your friends at the next local OCR race? DONE. That is what improving work capacity does. It just makes life better by making it easier.

-Coach AG



10 mins of movement

12 alt walking lunges

8 kip swings


1 min breathing





10 min ARMAP:

8 ring rows

8 hollow rocks

rest :30

rest 3 mins


10 min AMRAP:

Run 200m

15 air squats

10 hanging knee raises

rest 3 mins


10 min AMRAP

21/15 cals

15 KB swings

9 reverse crunches

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