WOD 8.28.17

Gripping a kettlebell

WOD 8.28.17

Kettlebell Front Squat VS. Barbell Front Squat.


Which one do you think is better for you? Same movement but different tools which will yield different effects. Yes they both strengthen your legs, but the bar is superior in that department. With a barbell we can load much heavier than with kettlebells and we have the ability to progress upwards in weight in smaller increments. Unfortunately the barbell will just balance on our shoulders. With kettlebells the load is much smaller in comparison to our absolute strength potential BUT we get a whole bunch of extra “stuff.”  K-bells challenge our shoulder stability, grip and will smoke your core like no-other tool.


Come to class and find out for yourself!

-Coach AG



:30 Goblet squat hold

20m PVC Overhead Lunges

:15 hollow hold



Dual KB Front squat x 8 reps @ 30×1

Shin box Switch x 8 / side

side Jefferson Curl x 6




Every 4 mins x 3 sets:

8 front squats (95/65)

6 burpees over the bar

45 sec breathe for cals

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