WOD 8.26.17

5k Run Start

WOD 8.26.17


Simple in design, complex impact.

I’m not going to make you scroll all the way down to read that we have a 5k run today folks. Don’t skip this. YES you can run a 5k any time on your own. But its on your own. No one to push you but yourself. You would probably be listening to your basic soundtrack that has worn out all possible motivation. Come in. Get strong(er). Be part of the community that we are all building together. Share a sweaty high five.

Weekend earned.


-Coach AG



3 Rounds NFT:

400m Run

10 m toe walking

20 alt single leg glute bridges

:30 FLR on Rings



Romanian Deadlift x 8

block hold x AMSAP

Tuck planche on risers x :10-:15





5k RUN

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