WOD 8.25.17

Turkish Get-Up

WOD 8.25.17


I can’t tell you how many people I have come across in my career who have said they give up weights because “They get hurt when they weight train.” Truth is, lifting weights does not directly hurt people, in fact it does just the opposite. It builds people up….hence why we call the strength portion of class the “BUILD” portion. The problem is that most people who lift weights usually do not follow any type of periodized program. They do not test their bodies for imbalances and they just perform the exercises that they enjoy doing…..not what they NEED to do to stay balanced and healthy.


Our balance portion is designed to mobilize the body and prepare it for the movements programmed during the days class WOD. Our jam is longevity. Yea its cool to rip out some badass shit on the gymnastic rings but I want you to feel good tomorrow. Your family NEEDs your to feel good tomorrow. Together lets do the right thing and take care of your body together keeping you healthy AND happy.

-Coach AG



3 rounds not for time:

reverse wall climb + :30 handstand hold

:30 active hang

5 wtd PVC shoulder dislocates



Push Press- build to 2 RM w/ a 3 second pause overhead


3 sets

6 kip swings

6 strict knees to elbows

Seated Press Up x :10 hold





Push press (95/65)

Bench Dips

Pull-ups / Hinge Row

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