WOD 8.23.17

Chiba Puppy getting fanned by an air bike

WOD 8.23.17

Wednesday is also known as “Moving Day” here at EDX Crossfit. The priority is mobilizing and moving blood, creating a flush and ¬†promoting the development of our cardiovascular system. If you worked out yesterday, take it easy today and focus on breathing “comfortably.” If you took yesterday off then lets go get this!

-Coach AG


10 mins of movement:
1 min EASY breathing
1 min stretch / mobilize


15 min AMRAP:

21/ 15 cals
15 Hollow Rocks
9 HEAVY KB Swings

Rest / Stretch 5 mins

15 min AMRAP

Ski 3k / Bike 6 miles
40 no Push-up burpees to a plate

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