WOD 8.16.17

sweat is fat crying

WOD 8.16.17


A little sweat didnt hurt anyone? How about a lot of sweat? Nahh, that won’t do it either.

We are going to breathe through multiple longer AMRAPs over the next few Wednesdays. Its all good and there is nothing to fear. Your goal is to practice your PACING for longer efforts and try to figure out what feels sustainable. Learning how to sustain is what develops your aerobic pathways. If its NOT sustainable, then you are going too hard. Take a step back, take a couple deep breaths and just keep moving.

-Coach AG




12 mins constant movement:

1 min Breathe

10m walking lunges

:20 bridge ups

:20 side plank / side





12 min AMRAP:

200m run

12 alt step ups

12 hollow rocks


rest 3 mins


12 min AMRAP:

21/15 cals

15 no push-up burpees

9 hanging knee raises

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