WOD 8.15.17

rope climb at dusk

WOD 8.15.17


Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to the climbing rope!

In prioritizing the development of healthy shoulders, elbows and wrists; we will be introducing drills to progress our members towards climbing rope. Our end goal is to ascend the rope without using our legs, but we will first start with the basics to develop our connective tissues, grip and confidence.


Let the fun begin!!!!


-Coach AG




3 rounds NOT for time:

2 wall climbs

2 reclined rope climbs w/ controlled negative

8-10 Side plank dip ups / side



Behind the neck Strict press x 10-12 @ 4011


Planche lean x :30

Lapasana x :30 / side





28 -18-8

Alt KB cleans / Bench Dips

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