WOD 8.14.17

dear lord baby jesus

WOD 8.14.17

It would be fair to think that I hate your legs. Honestly its the exact opposite. I.LOVE.Your.LEGS. They are strong and beautiful. We take for granted all the amazing things we can do with them. Walk, run, jump, climb, hike and lift heavy things…..a lot! Remember, I just want to see you be the best version of yourself. NEVER missing leg day is a BIG part of that. Yes, I HATE squats just as much as the next person but I also want to be able bodied enough to do some rad shit.


Just think of all the rad shit you’ll be able to accomplish with STRONG legs.


**Coach’s tip, Dont put the barbell down……it will be all over fast.

-Coach AG




3 rounds not for time

10 light wall ball squats

10 OH wall ball squats

:30 supinated

heart openers pose



Front Squat x 7 reps @ 33×1

half kneeling to deep squat x 6 / leg

hanging flutter kicks x :20




30 front squats for time (95/65)

**every break = 400m run

-6 min CAP

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