WOD 8.10.17

front rack stretch

WOD 8.10.17


Does holding a bar in the front rack cause wrist discomfort?

Coaches tip: Its not your wrist that needs more mobility. When your lats and shoulders are jacked and super tight, your wrist will take on the grunt of the compensation. Work the stretch in the picture attached to this blog. Do not wait for it to be programmed in class. Take care of it as homework EVERY DAY you come in here!!

-Coach AG




Skill + Build:

DL + Hang High Pul+ HPC



Every 60 seconds x 7 sets

2 reps @ 80% Of Skill





30/20 cals

-10 barbell thrusters

20/10 cals

-20 barbell thrusters

10/ 5

-30 barbell thrusters

* 9 min CAP

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