WOD 7.8.17

girl performing toes to bar

WOD 7.8.17


Hey Guys,

I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Acquiring the skill of toes to bar is not about just kicking more with your legs and establishing the rhythm of a big back arch and hollow body position…its about getting stronger. Grip, lats, hip flexors and lower abdomen…….yes, in that order.


Lets get stronger together!!


-Coach AG



15 mins Movement:

15 cal AB

banded lunges

wall dog

Kip swings



KB Front Squats x 6-8 @ 3111


Free standing handstand practice




Every 3 mins x 8 sets

run 200m

6 box jump overs

6 alt KB cleans

FLR til 45 sec remains on clock


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