WOD 7.8.17 – copy

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WOD 7.8.17 – copy

Squats on Squats on Squats…..b/c its Monday!!

For the past few weeks we have been rotating the daly lifting/ movement focus in order to ensure that our members will get exposure to all the programming, even if they find themselves attending class only on certain days of the week. If there are things that you have been loving about our programming, please please please share it with us and your personal community. If there are things that you don’t like, please please please keep it to yourself……just kidding! We want all the feedback as we are constantly working to upgrade your experience at every chance we get.

1 Million LAUGHS here


-Coach AG




12 air squats

9 Scap Push-ups

6 HLR +

Ankle Mob

Shoulder Mob



Sumo DL x 2-3

Pike sHSPU x AMRAP @ 2111

Lateral Raises x 12 @2112





10-1 BJSD / 2-20 UB WB (evens only)


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