WOD 7.6.17

man calling time out

WOD 7.6.17

What does “For Time” mean?

You will see this a  action title for many, many, MANY workouts in an environment that promotes high intensity interval training. The question is, does “For TIME” really mean go as fast as possible?

Generally we can assume “For Time” to be synonymous w/ “As fast as you can go WHILE demonstrating absolutely PERFECT technique.”

YES we want you to work hard. YES there is an ideal intensity level we are trying to hit through our exercise prescription here at EDX CrossFit. Understand that intensity will look and feel different for everyone as we each sit at different points on the continuum of fitness.

When in doubt, as yourself…….”Is this a kodak moment?”


For today…..Lungs and legs

Lets build them and let them burn.

-Coach AG



calf roll outs

goblet squats

bent over pinky up flys



Front Squat x 4-6 @ 3111

Hinge Row X 8 @ 3111

Hollow Body Flutter kicks x :20



For Time:

30 cal AB (21 cal ski)

9 Fromt Squats (95/65)

20 cal AB (14 ski)

15 Front Squats

10 Cal AB (7 Cal Ski)

21 Front Squats

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