WOD 7.31.17

woman performing goddess pose while sitting on a block

WOD 7.31.17

1st person to post a comment on this blog guessing what is wrongly demonstrated in the picture above wins a free can of FitAid

Hint # 1- It is NOT wrong that the woman is stretching while pregnant.

hint #2- It is NOT wrong that she looks like she is having fun while stretching

-Coach AG



prying goblet squats

lazy side plank

passive twist




Front Squat x 10 reps @ 33×1

Prying Goddess Pose x 6 / side

hanging windshield wipers x 4-6 / side




10 min AMRAP

8 SA KB Thrusters R

:30 FLR on Rings

8 SA KB Thrusters L

:30 short bridge

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