WOD 7.29.17

increasing height and angle demonstrating progression

WOD 7.29.17

Working out is exactly what is sounds like……when done correctly, it should feel like work. Work is not always all business and no fun, but when we find enjoyment in the process of building UP from something, arriving at our destination can feel that much more rewarding.

-Coach AG



15 mins constant movement:

1 round of bowling in ski erg

12 LIGHT wall balls

12 alt deadbugs holding wall ball




12 Goblet Squats @ 4111

Single leg HLR x 6 / side

single leg forward fold




0-10 mins


build to a heavy front squat from the rack

10-20 mins


5 rounds

run 200m

:20 ring support


20-30 mins


7 rounds

10 alt KB snatch

2 wall climbs

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