WOD 7.22.17

sweat angel

WOD 7.22.17


If ya’ll didn’t already know, I absolutely LOVE programming Saturday workouts. With the little bit of extra time we have to workout, the extended class time opens up the door to so much more possibility. We can be sure to get in enough strength training AND sweat through a longer breathing piece. The CrossFit methodology promotes short bursts of high intensity but its also important to go LOOOOOOONG once or twice a week to build a strong foundation and balance the energy systems properly.


One week from this Saturday we are opening up the gym to bring any friend interested in trying out EDX.  We are also hosting our very first beer mile! Rules for the beer mile will be posted shortly 🙂


(Sweat angel curtsey of remote coaching athlete Dafna H.)

-Coach AG



15 mins:

1 TGU / side

8 side plank dips / side

run 200m



RFESS – Find 8 RM @ 30×0

Wall supported handstand x AMSAP

Side Plank x AMSAP / Side



every 3 mins

rounds 1-4

1 min cals

8 knee raises

12 alt step ups

round 5-8

5 burpee box overs

10 air squats

15 KB swings

Round 6-12

run 200m

15 wall ball shots

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