WOD 7.17.17

liliana front squatting

WOD 7.17.17


Welcome to numbers week gang!!

Over the course of the next few days we are going to establish a baseline or learn how our bodies have progressed over the past few months if you have been with us since the beginning.


Things you should plan for this week:

1- Show up. Nothing great can happen without your attendance

2- A notebook and pencil to record all your results

3 – Confidence and Grit. Some things will be designed to push you. Know that you are ready for the challenges ahead!


This week is going to be AWESOME!!

-Coach AG



12 mins constant movement:

Run 200m

10 m walking lunges

5 SLOW Goblet squats

10 m leopard crawl


Back squat- build to a heavy single in 15 mins

Ring Support x AMSAP



Run 1 mile TT

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