WOD 7.14.17

man performing squat and thrust with a barbell

WOD 7.14.17

Going into the weekend like WHOOOOOOOAAA!

Tonight we have a BIG beer and yoga event sponsored by our friends over at UTurn Barbecue. Class starts at 6:30 pm so come early and be ready to GET BENT!


After todays breathing portion, consider your weekend EARNED.


-Coach AG



Dynamic Mobility


Build to a moderate thruster



Front Squat x 2-3 @ 2011

side plank dip ups x 10-12 / side

headstand reverse leg lifts x 6-8



Every 4 mins x 4 sets

15 UB thrusters (60% of Balance)

ski / bike for cals til 2 min interval is complete

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