WOD 7.13.17

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WOD 7.13.17


Ill be honest, no one likes burpees….at least not in the beginning. This movement builds strength, local muscular endurance and provides a tremendous conditioning effect. SOOOOOO many benefits for such a simplistic movement that we will continue to utilize it many times over.


A stimulating thought:

During WWII, the US military used the burpee to gauge the fitness level of recruits.

Perform 41 burpees in 1 minute….you have EXCELLENT fitness.

Perform 27 burpees in 1 minute…..your fitness level is POOR.


With that in mind, enjoy the middle of todays workout!


-Coach AG



Planche Lean

bent over flys

KB swings



Close Grip Bench Press x 2-3 @ 2011

half kneeling press x 5-7

Ring Rows x 8-12




1 k ski / 2 mile bike

40 burpees

2 mile bike / 1 k ski


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