WOD 6.19.17


WOD 6.19.17

How have you been doing your pull ups? Have you been kipping? Or even doing Butterfly pull ups? Great! But we hope you made sure that you built up the pre-requisite strength necessary in order to do those movements. The general rule of thumb is to get strong before you introduce any type of movement using momentum. That’s because when a movement involves momentum, it puts an exponential amount of added force on your joints utilized to create that motion. Let’s go back to the pull up. There are standards on what the pre-requisite strength is for kipping, but note that these are not nationally recognized standards. It’s 3 strict (full range of motion) pull ups for ladies, and 5 for men, in order to start introducing the kipping movement. If you can’t do this, you’re putting yourself at serious risk for injury! It might not happen the first, or second time, you do this movement but it will catch up with you if you don’t build your base level of strength. So for our athletes, we keep you safe by continuously building your foundational strength while progressing you through more complex movements.


4 shin box switch / side

6 cat / cows

4 donkey kicks


Build: 4 sets

Back squat x 6-8 @ 4011

Supinated Chinnup eccentric x 3 @ 50A1

Leg Lifts over a KBell x 8-10 / side


Breathe: 3 Rounds for time

20 WB

200m run

20 Box jump overs

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