WOD 6.17.17


WOD 6.17.17

It’s running (and racing) season! If you’ve been coming to class, you’ve been running a bit outside in your workouts. Well, today is no exception. We firmly believe that you need to get fit to run, not run to get fit. Please let me explain before you start proclaiming, “But what about couch to 5k?!”

Running is a high impact activity. The soft tissue surrounding the feet, ankles, knees and hips have to adapt and learn to absorb the shock of each step. This adaptation happens slowly, where the ligaments and tendons in these joints will actually toughen up over time so as to be able to bear the load from high impact activity. If you slowly build your tolerance to running, you will likely avoid overuse/repetitive injuries. However, most people fall in love with running and want to do nothing but running EVERY DAY!  Increasing your activity volume too quickly is one of the top reasons I see injuries occur. So honor the process, be consistent with your training and build your training volume slowly. Your body will thank you.

Here’s what we’ve got for today:

Balance: 4 rounds NOT for time

Run 200m

10m toy soldiers

5 transitions of Up dog => down dog


Build: 3 sets

Russian Step Up x 8-10

Jefferson Curl x 6-8

Hanging knee raise compression hold x :20


Breathe: FT x 4 Rounds

Run 400m

Ski 400m

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