WOD 6.14.17

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WOD 6.14.17

Let’s talk about stability! In a recent study involving CrossFitters, it showed that the shoulders are one of two areas most injured. Furthermore – shoulder injuries in a box are more prone to occurring when doing gymnastic movements improperly. Now, I’ve heard plenty of people say that they progressed too quickly in gymnastic movements without the pre-requisite strength and it led to a shoulder injury. So before doing ANY movement involving momentum (this includes any kind of kipping or olympic lifting), you must make sure that you’ve developed stable joints and strong muscles.

So how do you develop stability in your shoulder girdle? If you’ve been coming to class regularly, you’ve probably picked up a few ways already. What I want to talk about here is the connection between your hand and the musculature down the side of your upper ribcage. When engaged, these side muscles will help stabilize your shoulders and torso, which in turn will help you harness your full strength potential. So one way to engage these muscles is to make sure you don’t have a limp fish hand. Now…. I’ve got to be honest with you. An active hand will help in some cases – like when doing kettlebell snatches or side planks, but will hurt you if you’ve got a death grip with other movements such as rowing. But we’ll talk about that in a future blog post. For now – Make that hand active!


Balance: 4 rounds NOT for time:

1 TGU / side

:20 side plank RIGHT

:20 knee plank on the backs of hands

:20 side plank LEFT



15 min AMRAP:

2 mins of Breathing for Cals

12 Alt step up

24 hollow rocks




200m SA farmers Carry

40 no push-up burpees

200m SA farmers carry

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