WOD 6.13.17


WOD 6.13.17

Have you check our facebook page lately? Good, then you saw the post that briefly touched upon how much your grip matters. Let’s dive into this more considering tomorrow’s workout involves lots of gripping. Now, most peoples work involves using a computer. Even if you’re not most people, I’m betting that you still do things with your hands that involves using them in a pronated position (palms down) for a considerable amount of time most days of the week (like driving, or cooking). The reason I bring this up is because this “palms down” position is exactly how most people will automatically grab a barbell or pull up bar. We tend to do what feels most comfortable for our bodies because well, discomfort is uncomfortable. If you’re guilty of doing this, you either already have pain somewhere between your neck and hands (most likely your elbow or shoulders) or you feel aches and tightness that will eventually lead to pain.

An easy way to combat this discomfort or pain that comes from repetitive stress is to:

1st – be aware of how your grabbing and also the width you’re placing your hands at relative to your shoulder width

2nd- Change your grip often. This is the secret sauce.

What I mean by “change your grip” is to make slight changes to your positioning. This will utilize slightly different muscle fibers causing less fatigue during a workout. More importantly, it’ll reduce the amount of repetitive stress put on the same muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments thus reducing your likelihood of injury. So for sumo deadlifts, grab that barbell with palms facing in. Then do switch grip. Then reverse your switch grip. Switching every repetition. For your pull ups and handstands, try changing the width of your hands relative to your shoulders. You get the idea.

Have fun practicing in this workout:

Balance: 3 sets

8 single leg DL / leg

8 Cossack Squats (4/ side)

8 KB halos (4/ side)


Build: Every 2 mins x 5 sets

Sumo Deadlift x 2-3 – all tough sets

8-12 WTD bench dips


Breathe: 10min EMOM

Odd – 5 deadlifts + 1 wall climb

Even – :30 breathe for cals

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