WOD 6.12.17


WOD 6.12.17

Just like you need to ease into your work week when it’s Monday morning, we also need to ease into our workouts. We spend 10-15 minutes in the beginning of every class warming up as a way to “wake up” our bodies to the more intense movements we’re about to do. Those movements aren’t just random, nope. Our Head Coach programs each warm up to prep your body with mobility movements and stability training that are specific to the day’s workout. This will help bring balance to your body over time, thus lowering your chance for injury (what we like to call “Bullet-Proofing” your body.) Warm-ups are also a way to get some easy cardio (think: Zone 1 cardio) which will help increase your vascular density, this allowing your body to circulate more oxygen more efficiently. Why is that helpful?! Well – for one: it’ll help your body cope more easily with high intensity training when your have more vascular density AND you’ll be able to flush toxins out of your system more efficiently lowering your soreness post workout. Pretty sweet. We recommend getting 1-2 sessions lasting 45 minutes or longer of easy peasy cardio per week to help build that vascular density. That means that sometimes it’s OK to take it easy in class if you’re not getting that type of training outside the gym. This is why we build our Wednesday workouts as an “active recovery” day. We know you don’t always thin about these things, but don’t worry… we’ve got your back. Just keep showing up to class and you’ll reap the benefits of a healthier, fitter YOU.


1 min ski or bike

6 Goblet squats

8 alt lizzard stretch

:30 hero’s pose


Build: 4 sets

Back squat x 8-10 @ 4011

Hinge Row x AMRAP @ 3111

Hanging Leg raise x 4-6 @ 3111


Breathe: FT

400m run

30 wall balls

200m run

20 wall balls

100m run

10 wall balls

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