CrossFit WOD 5.12.17


CrossFit WOD 5.12.17

Why “Balance, Build, Breathe?” At EDX, we believe that these are the 3 building blocks to creating a foundationally strong physical body, that is resistant to injury and creates a well-balanced level of fitness. Balance is your “warm-up” and our way of incorporating mobility and stability work into the workout. Mobility if not just stretching. Nope. Mobility is the ability to move with control through your full range of motion. And stability is not just lifting heavy things to get strong. Nope. Stability is having stable joints that are able to hold load in various positions. It’s having balance and strength. Too often we hear of people being scared off by CrossFit because either they were injured or they’ve heard of someone getting injured. Let’s break the myth. CrossFit doesn’t injure you. BAD coaching and BAD programming injures you. Come see the difference in what we can do for you.

Here’s what we’re serving up tomorrow:


4 Rounds NOT for time:

10 LIGHT Wall balls shots

8 Shoulder dislocates

:30 FLR on Rings



Close Grip Bench Press x 12 @ 4111

Bulgarian Ring Row Hold x :30

Single Arm Walking Lunges x 10 steps / leg

Rig Supported Arch x :30



For Time:

12 Wall Balls

8 HR Push-ups

:40 Breathe for cals

rest 2 mins x 4 sets

GOAL = 1 more cal each round

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