WOD 11.15.17

man flexing

WOD 11.15.17


Mobility Simplified:


Just like everyone will need some sort of program individualization over time to address their fitness needs, everyone possesses individualized needs for flexibility and mobility. Structural longevity boils down to finding and evening out specific tension imbalances in the body……and of course a little bit of luck.


Some good news to share is that if you focus on improving the mobility of a couple key areas, most everyone will see some significant positive change.

These two areas and their movements include:

–The Rib Cage (thoracic Spine) :

1. Twisting through the rib cage, rather than the lower back

2. Extending through the rib cage, rather than the lower back

3. Learning how to create global extension and flexion across the entire spine without over-extending at any particular spinal segment.

–The Ankles

1. Planter flexion (think toe walking)

2. Dorsifleion (heel walking)

3. Unloaded circles in both directions


– Coach AG




15 min EASY Breathing

200m Run

10m diagonal lunge steps

8 side plank dip ups / side

6 V-Up Sit-ups




3 rounds for time:
bike 20 cals / ski 15
30 RKBS (sets of 10)
:40 FLR on the FLOOR


2k SKI or 4 mile bike

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