WOD 11.08.17

man demoing shoulder dislocates

WOD 11.08.17


Would you believe me if I said that full range of motion shoulder dislocates is a demonstration of HEALTHY range of motion? Yep, it totally is. Its an exercise we utilizing very frequently at EDX along with rib cage mobilization to help our members regain NORMAL functioning shoulders. Once we expose a limiter of function or performance, ask your coach about what kind of homework you can work on to improve your movement and skill acquisition in the gym.

We are ALWAYS down to help!

– Coach AG




2k partner ski or 2 mile partner bike

**non working partner completes the following:

–8 PVC shoulder dislocates


–8 Alt lizzard stretch w/ closed twist





8 min AMRAP

8 ring rows

:20 Placnhe Lean



FT 50 Cal Ski (75 cal Bike)

25 burpee BJSD

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