WOD 11.07.17

split stance RDL

WOD 11.07.17

Walking death march? In the warm-up?

Names can be deceiving. I actually do not like any exercise name w/out a literal translation. How about walking split stance RDL? Does that give you a better perspective and “warmer” feeling about the walking death march?


– Coach AG




Unloaded walking death march x 20m

Standing half moon

Low Plank hold x :20




Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift x 7-9 @ 3111


Ring Push-Ups x 7-9 @ 2111

Fish Pose x :30-:40




8 rounds for time:

6 DL (70% of build)

4 burpees over the bar

2 wall climbs

**10 min CAP**

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