WOD 11.06.17

huggies pull-ups

WOD 11.06.17

Its about time we REALLY start working our upper body vertical pull…..AKA PULL-UPS. As your coach, I needed to be sure that everyone had enough exposure to basic pull-ing movements before we spent a significant amount of time hanging by our hands.


Honestly, most people have given up basic mobility and strength once possessed in their shoulders during their teenage years when we all had a much more optimal strength to weight ratio.


Remember, the body works on one principle alone….use it or lose it. So its time to regain it!

Coach’s note:

–When Liliana and I started dating in early 2014 she was unable to execute 1 single full range of motion pull-up. Last week she performed 9 in a row during our testing week. PLEASE BE PATIENT!! Progress like that takes TIME and LOTS of it!!


– Coach AG


P.S. 11/6 is Mama Gala’s 66th Bday. Friend her on facebook => here and wish her the best!!




Rig supported half moon x :30 / side

Shoulder Dislocates

Scap Pull-ups




Snatch Drop


OHS (4+1)


Flexed Arm Hang x :22


3 Chinups or Negatives




7 min AMRAP:

Burpee Pull-ups

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