WOD 11.03.17

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WOD 11.03.17

If you didn’t pick this up about me and my programming style, I do NOT care about how much you can lift bro if you struggle moving your own body weight.


Yes, we all come from different backgrounds, different exposure to athletics / fitness BUT what we all have in common is that we each need to be able to move our own body through this life.


Yes, push-ups and pull-ups are hard. Depending on the size of our frame, it may take more hard work and dedication to accomplish these tasks but it should be everyone’s goal to master the baisc movements of their body……unassisted push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and lunges. Once we can perform these under moderate volume, we develop the ability to laugh at wall climbs.


– Coach AG




3 sets:

Close Grip Bench Press x 12 @ 3111




Dips x 8 @ 3111

Hinge Row x 6-8 @ 3111





30 HR Push-ups

3 wall climbs

20 HR Push-ups

4 wall climbs

10 HR Push-ups

5 wall climbs

**9 min CAP**

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