WOD 10.30.17

witches potion

WOD 10.30.17


New week, new training cycle!

Im really excited to get all those numbers from last week and it has been truly exciting to see you guys kick butt and take names.


We are embarking on another short journey together where we will learn new skills, building off of the strong foundation we have been building over the past 6 months.


REAL good things to come!


– Coach AG




Behind the neck Push Press

thoracic twist w/ internal rotation

Hanging Scap Retraction




Snatch Drop + OHS (5+1)


Flexed Arm Hang x:20 + 2 Chinnups or Negatives




10 min AMRAP:

5 Goblet Squats

10 Hanging Knee Raises

200m Run

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