WOD 10.21.17

id rather die than run meme

WOD 10.21.17

Another fun one for our Long session on Saturday folks.

I am completely aware of the negative mindset some of us have to work through whenever running is programmed.

I do not expect everyone to LOVE running but it IS what makes us human. We possess the ability to travel great distances on foot alone. During last Saturday’s workout, if you did not push the run, you lost a TON of time on the clock needed to finish w/in the time cap. This week, you need to work the run so you have plenty of time to finish the burpees.

If you don’t finish the burpees, or most of them in the time cap, then you get rewarded with more fitness via you guessed it, more running.


Push the run. Be smart and safe with your deadlift strategy.

Hopefully you wont have any more running to do at minute 21.


Go get some!


– Coach AG




15 mins of movement:

Run 200m

10 EASY Ring Rows

:20 Planche Lean

10 Seated Pike leg lifts




DL + Romanian DL x 1


2 Tuck Planche x AMSAP

Deadhang to invert x 4-6





Run 800

21 DL @ 65 % of build

run 400m

15 DL

run 800m

9 DL

40 burpees over the bar

**21 min CAP

Complete all 40 burpees = \m/

Complete upt to 39 burpees = run 200m

Complete up to 31 burpees = run 400m

Complete up to 21 burpees = run 800m

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