WOD 10.18.17

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WOD 10.18.17

Do you skip workouts because the programming looks challenging? Too hard? Or maybe you feel like your body is not ready for what is scheduled for the day?

First off, THAT is what we are all here for…..to be challenged. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable….it is how we learn new skills and stimulate growth.

2nd, if you cherry pick workouts (come in only for the ones that you KNOW you will crush) you will only get better at the things that you are already good at. Seems like its not a big deal but this continued habit promotes and imbalance and expedites injury.



Create a consistent schedule and do your best to stick to it. Commit to coming in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday or every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

If you have a concern, a limitation or are just knew to this whole fitness thing, open up about it with your coach. We pride ourselves on being able to modify any prescribed movement or workout to still provide a great stimulus without destroying your foundation.

Communication is the KEY to all successful relationships so do not be afraid to have a chat with your coach.Lets us know how we can provide THE experience you are looking for.


– Coach AG




15 mins of Good Movement:

Ring Row hold

wall supported handstand hold

Down Dog => Up Dog

PVC Shoulder dislocates in heros pose




15 min AMRAP

500m ski / 1 mile bike

20 alt step ups

10 Strict Pull-ups / hinge rows

rest 5 mins x


****Same Score or More in the second round

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