WOD 10.17.17

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WOD 10.17.17

How often should we test our athletes?

There is no direct answer to this question.

Newbies to fitness can “test” weekly, biweekly or even monthly due to nervous system adaptions. What that means is because someone is “newer” to fitness, they are less likely to utilize their entire nervous system to coordinate a movement or a lift to match their true current potential. This demonstrates their brain’s inexperience to a movement and need to develop faster pathways through more frequent exposure to different scenarios.


The older the “fitness age” the less often we should test our athletes as the brain actually does not want to “go there” because it recalls the discomfort from its last exposure.


The take home:

Test ONLY when specific testing is programmed. The rest of the time, accept that we are just TRAINING and its OK to leave so gas left in the tank.


– Coach AG



1 min breathe

ankle mobility

goblet squat hold

standing forward fold

water skiing monkey’s pose




Front squat x 3-5 reps- heavier than last week @ 20×1


backroll to straddle press x 4-6

SA plank/ row x 3-5 / side




15 min AMRAP

400m run

5 Goblet squats (24/16)



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