WOD 10.16.17

doc from back to the future

WOD 10.16.17

We are entering the last week of our current training block.

A lot of good things have been happening here. We have developed a real solid foundation. We have been introduced to some pretty sweet barbell techniques and new gymnastic progressions. In the coming weeks its all going to get way more awesome.


This week focus on hitting higher weights on the lower end of the rep ranges. Make them all QUALITY reps. Next week we get to demonstrate how much our fitness has developed since joining the EDX Community



– Coach AG



Good mornings

10m OHC

KB snatch drop


KB high pulls

KB snatch technique




Strict press x 3-5 – heavier than last week @ 2011


Russian Dip x 4

SA FR 45 degree lunges




3 RFT:

20 alt KB snatches

3 reverse wall climbs

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