WOD 10.13.17

lift weights faster meme

WOD 10.13.17

Lifting weights faster is cardio, right?

Well, not really.

It does get your heart rate up. It does make you sweat. It does NOT necessarily improve your “cardio.”

Without going too deep into the physiology of what type of actions need to take place during exercise to improve cardiovascular function, just understand that lifting weights in an elevated heart rate state IS good for us. Running, biking, rowing, swimming, hiking and nordic skiing are activities that directly benefit your cardio function. Lifting weights faster improves your ability to just get shit done.


Know that this type of conditioning make tasks like mulching, mowing the lawn, carrying a tired child or puppy down the trail MUCH easier. You know, LIFE SKILLS.


Appreciate that Its just different and another element of fitness that we should train to become better at life.


– Coach AG




Squat Clean – build to a heavy single in 15 mins




1 rep EMOM x 6 @ 90% of Skill weight




In 10 mins Ski 1k or Air bike 2 miles

in the remaining time:

-build back to today’s 90% SC

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