WOD 10.12.17

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WOD 10.12.17


What does “for time” really mean?

Most people assume it represents all out intensity from the call of 3,2,1, GO!!

I beg to differ.

“For time” is a misnomer. Yes it means move fast. Yes it means go hard. Yes it means give me your best for today.

It really means: Go as fast as you can for the given distance while demonstrating PERFECT movement integrity or your BEST interpretation of what perfect movement integrity is.


This is not an invitation to slack off from requisite range of motion. It represents your admission to honor your body’s available movement quality and your agreement to move the best you can move with a sense of urgency.


Thats it guys, right there. Move as perfect as possible with a sense of urgency. Get this shit done. Try to blow out the time cap but remember there is always tomorrow. Another day to show up. Another day to get better. Another day to perfect your movement. Another opportunity to express your current level of fitness that matches your current level of coordination and skill acquisition.


Another day stronger. Another day fitter. Another day faster.


– Coach AG




Handstand hold x :30-:40

German hang

Banded Good Mornings

T-spine bridge




Jerk Drive + Push Press – Building to a heavy


Accumulate 20 reps of L-sit rope lift-offs




Every 3 minx x 3 sets

ski 200m / AB 20 cals

15 STO (75/45)


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