WOD 10.11.17

man wearing a t-shirt in a crossfit gym

WOD 10.11.17

CrossFit Defined: Constantly Varied Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity


Our interpretation of CrossFit:

Learn your body and strive to move well.

Then move more and more often

Finally demonstrate your movement integrity by moving fast but at absolutely NO COST to your health or longevity.


– Coach AG




5 sets:

:30 hang

1 min breath

:30 goblet squat hold

1 min mobilize- coach’s choice






1 min interval:

7-10 burpees

AMRAP cals in the remaining time

rest / walk 1 min

x 10 sets


Bike 20 cals

ski 10 cals


rest 2.5 mins x3

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