WOD 10.07.17

group fitness class holding handstands up against the wall

WOD 10.07.17

A little skill work today folks and a lot of just getting work done.

I have mentioned a handful of times that in order to own the skill of double unders, we need to practice it A LOT. Unfortunately we need to practice it more than the amount of exposure provided at any gym.


If you really want to own the skill, pick up a rope, size it to YOUR body and practice regularly in low volume.

I dig MIL Spec jump ropes => ORDER HERE

RPM makes a pretty dope rope as well => HERE


– Coach AG




Jump rope skill work

WHILE your buddy mobilizes ankles / hips / scap




Romanian DL x 4-6 @ 2011

tuck lever lifts x 4-6

Straddle Hollow rocks x 15-20




0-10 mins

With a partner – I go, you go

50-40-30-20-10:  Double unders / ab mat sit-ups


10-20 mins

800m partner farmers carry – KB can never touch the ground


20-30 mins

80 partner pull-ups – can assist your partner w/ a leg spot

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