WOD 10.05.17

master yoda flexing

WOD 10.05.17

Remember all those participation trophies we collected as kids? Yep, me too. Do you know where all of mine ended up? If you guessed in the trash, you would be correct.


In fitness and w/in the body, a lot of things add up mathematically. If you want to create change you simply need to DO THE WORK.

Squat sets are multiplied reps x tempo x volume = a specific training effect on a cellular level.

To increase flexibility or mobility your need time under tension x reps x volume = length change over time

Cardiovascular development happens when time @ prescribed intensity x volume = increased stroke volume.

Weight gain / weight loss is broken down into inputs and outputs of macros turned into calories.


The one thing that overrules these basic math equations is hormone regulation and you can find out how to gain control by reading our free lifestyle guide. Have you received your free copy yet?

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– Coach AG




Squat Clean – build to a heavy single in 15 mins




1 rep EMOM x 8 @ 85% of Skill weight




Every 2 mins x 5 sets

Run 200m

1 SC @ 75% of “skill” weight

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