WOD 10.02.17

two men performing a german hand and active hang

WOD 10.02.17

We are learning a new skill today called the German Hang!! 🙂

Trust me, this has nothing to do with hanging Germans…..its a gymnastic transition and fantastic mobility exercise.

Time to go upside down!!

Ps. the photo for the blog was taken at the iconic Thompson Square Park in NYC for an article I wrote in 2012. You can see more legit photos and  check it out the article i wrote here.


– Coach AG




PVC shoulder dislocates

Side plank dip ups to star x 4-6 / side

German Hang




Strict press x 4-6 @ 4011


Ring Dips x 4-6- (wtd of necessary)

SA Front rack lunge x 4-6 / leg





Every 3 mins x 5 sets

run 200m

:20 planche lean

20 alt russian twists

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