Rules of the Gym (part 1)

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Rules of the Gym (part 1)


When you come into EDX CrossFit, you may notice a few things that seem out of the ordinary. We are not the average box with unfinished plywood and barren drywall. When building out the gym, we paid close attention to a lot of small details to make the space inviting with the goal of creating an environment that everyone would feel proud to call their happy place.

As you walk past the rig and join the class at our marker board -where we go over the scheduled workout of the day- you may have taken a gander at the top of the board where we have posted the rules of the gym.


Rule #1: SHOW UP


You signed up for a trial membership or even jumped on board to join us on a regular basis. The first rule is just so damn basic.


You need to show up if you are going to make any real tangible change.


I get it. 5:30 am is EARLY. It gets HOT after 2pm. A last minute work meeting got scheduled causing you to miss the 12 pm class you were planning on taking.


Liliana and I have been working this business for a long time becoming successful in an industry that churns and burns young talent faster than the adult film industry. We have seen many promising professionals leave as fast as they come in and have seen many more prospects and clients give up way before they even got started.


We get it. Fitness is hard. Losing weight is hard. Gaining muscle can be even harder.


Everyone has an excuse, a reason why they COULD have been great. The catch is that very few people are actually great at anything.


A prospect popped into one of my classes the other day and was wearing a T-shirt with a quote that touched me deeply. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”


At EDX CrossFit, we don’t have an expectation that everyone who walks in the door is going to be a stud. We don’t expect everyone to do exceptional things. We DO want you to come in and give us the opportunity to change your life and make you a better person. Yes, fitness can help you drop those extra 10 pounds that have grown out of nowhere. Regular participation in fitness can get you a new back squat PR or faster mile time. Most importantly the regular participation of a consistent and progressive fitness routine WILL make you a BETTER PERSON.


Make no mistake; we are in the business of building better humans. We want to make you fitter but more importantly we want to make you happier. Regular participation in a fitness regimen decreases stress, builds healthy bones, muscles, cleanses your skin, improves your cardiovascular function, clears your head, helps you sleep better and lengthens your lifespan.


Do you need another reason to get here?


If life is making your fitness journey a challenge, let us know what’s going on, as life coaching is part of our gig. We can help you achieve the “impossible.”



-Coach AG



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