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Small Group Class

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Unlimited Membership

Only $8/ Class *BEST VALUE!

*Unlimited access to ALL group classes, INCLUDING Yoga
*FREE T-Shirt & New Member Packet
*FREE Monthly Social Events
*Facebook Group
*Facility with showers & towel service & more!
*Tiered Group Class progressions
*Elite Coaching
*1:8 Coach-to-Student Ratio
*Free Movement Assessment at sign-up with EDX Bodyworks

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Part-Time Membership >> 3x/ Week

Only $14/ Class!

Includes EVERYTHING in Unlimited Membership
*Access is limited to any small group class (including Yoga) up to 3 times per week.

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Individualized Programming Membership Options:

Full Week

$219/Month >> GOOD VALUE!

Have specific goals in mind? Or have you re-injured yourself from workouts and want to finally move past them? This option is for the Highly Motivated individual. It includes:
>> Workouts written for YOU up to 6x per week
>> 1-on-1 feedback from Coach
>> Monthly goal setting meetings with a Coach
>> Access to 1 small group class per week
>> 1 Yoga Class per week.
Get the full individualized package!

*Requires a 6 month commitment to get best results.
*Resident athletes can use the EDX Facility for an additional $39/month facility fee which includes:
>> Supervision from a coach during workouts
>> Access to Open Gym

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Hybrid Membership

$169/Month >> *BEST VALUE!

The Best of Both Worlds!

Have specific goals in mind, but also like to workout with others sometimes? This option is for YOU! It includes EVERYTHING in the Individualized Programming Membership AND the Small Group Membership PLUS:
>> Custom workouts written for YOU up to 3x per week
>>PLUS 2 small group classes per week
>>PLUS 1 Yoga class per week!
*Requires a 6 month commitment to get best results.

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What is Individualized Programming and Why Do I Need It?

Individualized programming is a fitness program that a coach will create just for you based on your current abilities and goals. Small Group Classes are efficient in raising your base fitness levels for the beginner or recreationally fit individual. However, if you have a specific GOAL in mind then you need specific, individualized training to meet those needs.

  • Train for Races and Events
  • Learn / fine-tune technique
  • Reach your goals faster

  • Prevents injuries
  • Customized to your current abilities
  • Bridge the gap from rehabbed injuries / surgery back to functioning, & beyond!